On the mend

Amoxycillin is a wonderful thing. Took the Hatchling to urgent care and only one ear was infected but it had also ruptured – OUCH – and she had a lot of lovely congestion to boot. She haaaaaaaates the medicine (can’t blame her: it’s “orange dreamsicle” flavored) but we’ve been getting it down her gullet twice […]

June Cleaver and Donna Reed would be SHOCKED.

Tonight we were too tired to cook, so we went to a local diner for a quick meal as part of our comprehensive socialize-the-Hatchling-to-behave-in-public-spaces campaign. She did pretty well (for a 2.5 year old), but what was truly impressive was the dinner she ate, which was a nutritious combination of:

a) french friesb) ketchupc) apple […]

… really?!?!?

Did I mention that Mr. Squab has been out of town for business since the wee hours of Friday morning? Not getting back until late tonight?

And that the Hatchling came down with a really bad cold this morning, and just barfed all over my bed after an extremely abbreviated nap?

And that I’ve run […]

This isn’t exactly how I pictured motherhood

Today the Hatchling and I were driving home from a playdate. Just before getting into the car, the Hatchling had tripped and scraped her knees and hands a little, so she’d been crying. She quickly calmed down, though, and was sitting calmly in her seat when I heard her say “Thank you!” in the tone […]

We are not enjoying two and a half

I remember at the first ECFE class I took with the Hatchling, the parent coordinator talked to us about how babies and toddlers go through regular fluctuations between equilibrium (when their brains are relatively calm, their skills are somewhat in synch with their desires, etc.) and disequilibrium (when their brains are on fire with learning […]

This, they didn’t cover in the parenting books.

So, today being Monday, my lovely friend J watches the Hatchling in the morning so I can get some writing done. Friends like these = awesome. I brought lunch back for us when I went to pick the Hatchling up, and we sat in the backyard while the kids ran around in their swim diapers […]

Random Tidbits on a Tuesday

1. My hair is driving me crazy. It’s at that in-between stage where it’s not long enough to really do anything with but it’s too long to leave alone. I have to decide if I want to leave it for another month, at which point it will be long enough to put up or back, […]

Random Tidbits on a Tuesday

1. Is there anything more annoying when you’re trying to write than having Microsoft Word repeatedly shut down on you FOR NO REASON? I hate you, Bill Gates.

2. I came *this* close to actually calling in and voting for an American Idol tonight. Does this mean I’m having a midlife crisis, or is it […]

How to drive your mamala over the edge in 10 simple steps

1. Wake up at 5:15 in the morning. Refuse to go back to bed.2. Eat next to nothing for breakfast, so you’re both tired AND hungry.3. Ask to go down for a nap at 9:30, stay quiet in your room just long enough to convince the mamala that you’re actually sleeping, then shatter those illusions […]

It’s not that I want to stifle her artistic impulses

Far from it. It’s just that I’d prefer she adopted a different medium:

Thank goodness for magic erasers and washable crayons, is what I say. Lawsy.