The London Bridge is NOT falling down

OK, I can’t upload any pictures, but I thought I’d pop on while we have wifi and wax lyrical about the trip so far. You know, just so you can be maximally jealous. I’m nice like that.

So the plane ride was totally uneventful, except that I’ve apparently lost the ability to sleep on a […]

‘Allo, ‘allo

So have I mentioned that I’m going to London and Scotland for the next 10 days?

Oh, I’m sorry – what? Where the hell have I been? I should let a person know if I’m going to be gone that long? This relationship is a two way street?

Geez, I know. What can I say? […]

Recap of our trip to the grocery store with the baby, aka the first time the Hatchling has been out of the cart the whole time

Me: OK, now, remember, the Sprout has to ride in the cart so you get to walk and help Mama with the groceries. You have to stay with Mama, OK? NO running away, right?

Hatchling: OK, Mama. I helpa get gwocewies.

Me: Right. You help.

Sprout: A-bah.

Me: OK, let’s see what we need for […]

Contrasts abound

Yesterday, Mr. Squab, the Hatchling and I went to the State Fair with some friends. I ate:cheese curdsfresh lemonadegrilled corn on the coba cone of chocolate chip cookiesa caramel apple

… it was delicious.

The Hatchling also totally enjoyed herself, mostly just looking at the sights from the comfort of her stroller, but also going […]

Random Tidbits for the weekend

1. Endearing Habits of the Hatchling of late: a. Changing her froggy’s diaper. She gets out the changing pad and the wipes, plus a clean diaper, lays the frog on the pad and goes through all the motions with a very focused look on her face. She’ll be a good big sister. b. Dancing “ballet.” […]

HELL yeah

One of the awesome things about living in Minneapolis is that the Guthrie Theater is here, and if you’re lucky and have an x-treeemly nice friend who works there sometimes you get to do things like go see Sir Ian McKellen talk about his life as an actor and then take questions from the audience. […]

Pros and Cons

Bad things about going to the State Fair:1. All the park-and-ride lots full. WTF?2. Bastard fellow-humans refuse to help friend get her stroller off the shuttle.3. Freaky Canadian geese in parking lot blocking off available spaces.4. Cranky one-year-old means no time to look for cheese curds. Bugger.5. Cranky one-year-old refuses to stay in stroller or […]