Two Months Old

Dearest Sprout,Well, you turned two months old on Thursday and I’m just getting to your monthly letter now. I’m guessing this is sort of the pattern with the second kid, and I hope you don’t feel lost in the shuffle. Right now a lot of your life is spent getting dragged around to your big […]

Three Years Old

Dearest Hatchling,Boy howdy. You turned three years old yesterday, and what a year it has been! I thought the difference between one and two was big, but the difference between two and three is … also big! This year has been all about growing up, physically, emotionally, verbally, mentally – you’ve been covering all the […]

One Month Old

Dearest Sprout,Holy hannah, I cannot believe that it’s already been one month since we welcomed you into the world! I’m going to do my best to write you monthly letters for the first year, just like I did for your big sister, but let me apologize in advance if I don’t make it every month. […]

Two Years Old

Dearest Hatchling,Holy Toledo. You’re TWO! I can hardly believe it. Looking back at your 1st year letter, it’s like you’re a completely different person. You’ve passed a lot of major milestones this past year, kiddo. Walking, for example. That’s a pretty huge one. And talking, also quite huge. You have so many words now I […]

Twelve Months Old

Dearest Hatchling,

Today, you are ONE YEAR OLD. Jumping Jehosaphat. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. I can’t believe it’s already been a year. I remember this time last year like it was only weeks ago: getting pitocin to induce labor, the doctor using that weird crochet hooky thing to break my water […]

11 (and a half) months old

Dearest Hatchling,Last Sunday you turned eleven months old. I didn’t get a chance to write your letter on time because of being in the middle of tech week for a show I’m directing, a phrase I’m sure will resonate through your formative years and result in a deep and abiding resentment of all things theatrical. […]

10 months old

Dearest Hatchling,Yesterday, you turned 10 months old. It’s been a tough month health-wise, with a bad chest cold at the beginning of the month and a bout of what I can only call the Bolivian Death Flu at the end of the month. It’s no fun being sick, obviously, but you’re remarkably good natured about […]

9 months old

Dearest Hatchling,

TWO Thursdays ago (ack! Bad Mamala!) you turned 9 months old. To celebrate, we took you out to an Irish pub for a quick Guinness. Haha, I kid – we did take you to a bar, but it was really to celebrate your Uncle Matt’s exodus from corporate hell. I must say that […]

8 months old

Dearest Hatchling,On Monday, you turned a whopping eight months old. This is a great age to experience your first Christmas, because a) you won’t remember any of it, so we can ask for lots of boring stuff like clothes and safety gates for presents, b) you’re not crawling yet, so the tree and ornaments and […]

Seven Months Old

Dearest Hatchling,

This last weekend, you turned seven months old. They say seven is a lucky number, and it must be true where babies are concerned, because this definitely feels like the golden time of your infancy. You’re still cuddly and sweet, and you haven’t yet introduced us to the terrors of having a mobile […]