Join me for a little birthday rant, won’t you?

Today is my fortieth birthday, which is all momentous and milestoney and stuff, but what I REALLY want to talk about today is the thing that pisses me off most about 40th birthdays, which is not the aging, or the “over-the-hill” party hats, or the mid-life crisis, or the pure physical decrepitude. No. The thing […]

Nine Years Ago Today …

… I went and got hitched to a man who not only took my last name but also does all the laundry and gets up in the middle of the night with the kids. I totally win. Here’s a wee retrospective of the day (note: I’ve been married so long these are scans of actual […]


Today the Hatchling had her mandatory pre-K screening at a local school in our neighborhood. You know, where they test your hearing and vision, observe you interacting with other kids and adults, check your developmental skills, and so on. It’s a way to catch certain developmental disorders and learning issues before kids are in the […]

School Daze

The Hatchling is starting preschool next week; this week she visited her class and met her teacher on Tuesday, and today there was a 1-hour “practice” session so the kids could get used to getting dropped off and the whole class routine. There were lots of nervous/excited parents and a couple of freaked out kids, […]

Funny. Gross, but Funny.

So the Hatchling is, for all intents and purposes, potty trained. Which: THANK GOD, because if I’d had to keep her home from preschool for still being in diapers, we both would have lost it. But I must say, it’s engendered some interesting conversations. For one thing, poop is now, like, the funniest word/concept/joke EVAR. […]

Survivor: 2nd Birthday edition

This past Sunday, we celebrated the Hatchling’s birthday with several of her friends. And by several, I mean we had nine – NINE – children between 1-3 at our house, along with twenty-some parent/adult types. That’s a lot of people, yo. But it was all good – the kids were remarkably well-behaved (no meltdowns!), we […]


The Hatchling is now officially word-crazy, having added such words and phrases as “Go, Car, Go!” (a favorite book), “feet” (sounds like ‘phweet!’), shoe, nose, Oma, down, outside, all done and cookie to her ever-burgeoning vocabulary. Two cute things about that: one, she’s developed a pattern of asking what a thing is, and then once […]

One for the grandparents

Apparently I did something wrong in a previous life, because we are still cold-ridden (though sleeping better, thank goddess), I think I’m coming down with something, and I have developed a gross, ugly sty in my right eye. WTF, karma?

So in lieu of a more substantive post, here’s a clip of the Hatchling showing […]

Semantic Tally

The Hatchling must’ve recently cleared some developmental hurdle, because for the last 3-4 days she’s been coming out with at least one new word per day. Also she’s reverted back to the sunny, happy, chatty baby we’d come to know and love, which is a nice change from the Cranktastic Wonder of the last month […]

Quick Take

OK, it’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, yo, and we’re hosting this year, so there is NO TIME for blogging, but I had to drop in and post this, because: PIGTAILS!

Three-quarter view:

Rear view:

You have noooooo idea how long I’ve waited for the Hatchling to have enough hair for pigtails. Well, ok, actually, you […]