Linky Bits

Howie and the Fonz being pro-Obama is not surprising, but Opie and Andy threw me for a loop, I admit.

Not that readers of this blog need convincing that federal money is better spent on the poor than the rich, but this graph is still pretty cool.

Looky, Daddy has some fabulous images for voting […]

Linky Bits

This week is kicking my ass so far, so no substantive post today, alas. But here’s some other fun stuff.

1. Christian Bale = Kermit. No, really.

2. Tewtelly ass-ome screen saver.

3. I am soooooo making this soup.

4. Build your vocab and feed the world. It’s a win-win!

5. As commenter Connie noted, […]

I can haz app, plz?

Someone needs to create this app, YESTERDAY.

Quote of the day

Ezra sez,

“The Washington Post has a nice fact-check piece on Sarah Palin’s claim Alaska produces “nearly 20 percent of the U.S. domestic supply of energy.” This, it turns out, is not true. It’s not near true. It’s not good friends with true. It doesn’t go to parties with true, and occasionally sleep with true […]

Spreading the (partisan) love


Love (starts about three minutes in):So Much Love:

So cool

I really, really love this.

Just keep clicking.

Linky Bits

What you could look at while I’m too stopped up to blog:

1. Ballotpedia should come in extremely handy this autumn.

2. The public school system, in case you were unaware, is totally FUBAR. I would love to see either of the presidential candidates address this in a meaningful way. But I ain’t holding my […]

Linky Bits for Hump Day

Welcome, Shakesville pilgrims. Hope you like what you see. Here are some things to read/watch since I’m not writing today:

1. This is possibly the snarkiest movie review EVER. I mean, this guy commits to the snark.

2. So, I cried like a baby during Hillary’s I’m-stepping-down speech, and I was both surprised at myself […]

Cutest. Book. Ever.

I just found this new-ish Web 2.0 app, Lookybook, which I foresee using the crap out of over the next few years. They’ve scanned a ton of picture books into their server – not just excerpts, a la Amazon, but whole entire books – so you can preview them before you buy them. So extremely […]

Thursday Linky Bits

What you should read/watch since I’m not writing:

Things Younger Than John McCain. You’ll be surprised.

This fascinating NPR story on different ways of dealing with transgender kids. Also look at the Q&A with two of the psychologists mentioned. I find the traditional approach (trying to make kids more ‘comfortable’ in their current gender by […]