Lookit wot I did

Lookit. I made a sweater.

I’ve been knitting on and off (mostly off) since I was 12, and I think this is the first sweater I’ve actually completed all by myself. I adapted the pattern from one I got on Etsy.com. The yarn is some old acrylic Lion Brand worsted weight called “Monet’s Garden” that […]

Plaything for a dud economy

Uses to which the Hatchling put a single piece of tissue paper over the course of an hour this evening:

1. Baby blanket for her doll.2. Pillows for her head and her doll’s body as they lay on the carpet in a meditational pose. (Me: “What are you doing, honey?” The Hatchling: “I just wistening […]

Reticence is not her problem

Yesterday the Hatchling and I went to tour a possible preschool for her for fall (because, yes, you have to start at LEAST this far in advance if you want to get your choice, which is kind of giving me hives. Not to mention figuring out how we’ll pay for it, which is also giving […]

Cutest. Book. Ever.

I just found this new-ish Web 2.0 app, Lookybook, which I foresee using the crap out of over the next few years. They’ve scanned a ton of picture books into their server – not just excerpts, a la Amazon, but whole entire books – so you can preview them before you buy them. So extremely […]

It’s no wonder they get irritated

The Hatchling is at that point where her vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds (like, 4-5 new words a day, lately), but her pronunciation is lagging a little behind. Most of the time I can figure out what she’s trying to say from context, and she’s remarkably good natured when we can’t understand her, […]

Quote of the Day

Nine-year-old nephew, on getting ruthlessly laser-blasted as he makes his way through the new Simpsons video game:

“Dude. That does not bode well.”

Me: Did you just say ‘that does not bode well?’Nephew: Yeah.Me: Gimme five, dude.Nephew (too cool for it, but complying): Why?Me: Because I just don’t think many nine-year-olds would use that phrase.


Review: 101 Pep-Up Games for Children

So, in case you haven’t noticed it on the right-hand side, I’m a member of LibraryThing, which is this enormously satisfying way of cataloging one’s book collection online. Enormously satisfying for TOTAL NERDS like me, I mean. Oooh, I love me some book cataloging. Mmm-hmmm. And the only thing even more awesome than organizing my […]

Friday Video Blogging

Ah, Friday. It’s funny how even though I no longer work a M-F/9-5 job, I still look forward to Fridays. Oh, wait, that’s not funny, IT JUST MAKES SENSE. Best part about Saturdays? Mr. Squab gets up with the Hatchling and I get to sleep in. I will NEVER grow out of that.

Anyhoo. Here […]

This one hits home

Things You Didn’t Put On Your Resum├ęby Joyce Sutphen

How often you got up in the middle of the nightwhen one of your children had a bad dream,

and sometimes you woke because you thoughtyou heard a cry but they were all sleeping,

so you stood in the moonlight just listeningto their breathing, and you […]


When we were little, my mom used to entertain me and my sister by showing us how to cut out snowflakes to decorate the windows over Christmas break. And here’s why I love the internets: there’s an online version! Lookit what I made:

Try it. It’s addictive.