What’re you having for T-day?

Ah, Thanksgiving: the publicly sanctioned celebration of gluttony. We will be going up to my parents’ house as early as we can get ourselves going tomorrow, so I can help with the prep and the Hatchling can have quality time with the grandparents. We will be having:

TurkeyDressing (cornbread, not that Yankee whitebread crap)GravySweet potato […]

Questions for a Fourth of July Weekend

1. How is it that I only found out that H&M carries kid’s clothes, like, two days ago?!?! Fortunately I found out at the same time that they’re having one of their huge sales, so I STOCKED UP.

2. Why can I never think of anything more interesting to send my sister for her 4th-of-July […]

I like long weekends. Let’s have them all the time.

It was a good Memorial Day weekend in Squab country. Mr. Squab came home early on Friday, we had a cookout Saturday night, vegetated on Sunday, and had a picnic on Monday, at our favorite park. Good times. I think we’d all be better off if 3.5 day weekends were standard, don’t you?

Meanwhile, I […]

Happy Mother’s Day to Me

The Hatchling, thank goodness, appears to be on the mend. She’s still sleepier and crankier than usual, and lord have mercy she cannot be more than three feet away from me, but her rash is getting better and there’s no more fever. Woot!

So today I had a very nice squabby mother’s day. This morning […]

Happy Easter!

Oma made the Hatchling a fetching easter dress:(She’s also apparently borrowed her aunt’s Treo for some quick text messaging. It’s soooo hard to keep up with one’s social obligations when one is almost two.)

Faith. And also Begorrah.

Well, I got almost four pages written, plus I have a detailed plan for how the rest of the chapter is going to go. Mom says that counts. We had a video conference on Sunday (so web 2.0) to set goals for writing this week. One of the many good things about having my Mom […]


Happy V-day, everyone. Remember: you get chocolate even if you don’t have a valentine.


It’s that time of year again. Time to watch post-stroke Dick Clark mumble his way through the “Rockin’” New Year’s Eve, start thinking about taking down the decorations, stop counting cookies as one of the major food groups and generally get one’s house in order for the new year. And resolutions. Time for resolutions. Actually, […]

Christmas pictorial

We baked cookies. Lots and lots of cookies.

Presents were opened.

Drawings were drewed.

MORE presents were opened.

We took pictures of it all.

Overall, a most satisfactory holiday. Here’s hoping yours was the same. Now go decorate a virtual gingerbread house. MUCH neater than the real thing.


Cookies I have baked

It’s baking season, y’all. This past weekend I made:

Gingerbread cookies (approx. twelvety billion)Domino cookies* (about 5 dozen)White chocolate dipped pretzels (a bag’s worth)Dough for sugar cookies

Upcoming:Rolling out, cutting out, baking and decorating said sugar cookiesBourbon BallsMini-panettones

I do not mess around with the Christmas baking. Now here’s my great-grandmother’s sugar-cookie recipe. These are […]