Weekend Report

What happened this weekend:

1. The Hatchling got a vicious cold. Much mucous ensued.

2. Mr. Squab got the Hatchling’s vicious cold. Even more mucous, and much sneezing.

3. Said colds notwithstanding, we hosted a dinner party. I swear to god, until I graduated from college, my vision of adult life consisted largely of throwing […]

Friday Video Blogging

It was a lovelygorgeousbeautiful day today, so the Hatchling and I decided to go to our favorite park and look at the flowers and play in the fountains. Er … with the fountains. At the fountains? Anyway, Mr. Squab joined us after work, which totally blew the Hatchling’s mind – Daddy! In the park! Whoa! […]


So. I’m officially 36 years old. So far it seems a lot like 35, I’ll be honest. On the day itself (Thursday), Mr. Squab and I went out on a FABULOUS date. First we went to Pierre’s Bistro in southwest Minneapolis. OMFG, do they ever make some good food. Like, lean your head against the […]

OMG Ponies!!1!

This weekend was a study in contrasts, child-entertainment-wise. On Saturday, we went with some friends to Rosefest, a celebration of the founder of the Minneapolis parks system that took place in our old neighborhood. It was a little sad being back in the old nabe, because holy crap is it a nicer locale than our […]

Two Small Things

First: I totally love you guys for being so supportive as I put up post after post bitching about my progress. You have no idea how much it helps.

Second: (Drumroll please …)




Okay, I’m not really *completely* done: my conclusion is all of about 5 pages now, so that will need […]


This past weekend we got a last-minute invite to spend some time at a fabulous cabin on a beautiful lake with some wonderful friends and their two adorable children. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance. The weather was absolutely perfect all weekend long, and it was the most relaxing “vacation” we’ve had since […]

Two weeks of turning one: a photo narrative

As befits the only granddaughter and the youngest member of a very large family, the Hatchling had quite an extended series of first birthday celebrations. It started with a little family fete at home on the night of her birthday. We opened a few presents, and more importantly, ate cupcakes for the very first time:


That Than Which There Can be Nothing Cuter

Unlike some other prodigy babies, the Hatchling didn’t figure out how to clap until last Friday, when she somehow learned it literally overnight. Thursday, nothing doing; Friday morning, I got her up and brought her into bed with us and when Mr. Squab got up to get dressed, she started clapping and laughing like she’d […]

Mutton dressed as totally rockin’ lamb

So, last night I went to see Justin Timberlake and Pink in concert. I got the ticket from my future sister-in-law, who wanted to go with someone who would “enjoy the concert without irony” (i.e., not my brother). Now, it’s true, JT is one of my guilty pleasures – hell, not even that guilty: have […]

Sometimes, babies rule

To wit: This afternoon, the Hatchling took a whopping THREE HOUR LONG nap (yep, she’s still sick), and when she got up she spent five minutes trying to catch the sunbeam coming through the window.

There’s just nothing not great about that.