The newest member of the family

This is my new (to me) 2004 Honda CR-V. She is a beautiful red color, has a ton of cargo space, a roomy interior, and boasts many amenities my previous ride lacked, such as functional air-conditioning, a working radio, and a windshield without a crack going all the way across the middle, right at […]

So, like, iPhones are awesome and stuff

The Hatchling and I have been enjoying our new toy all day. I downloaded a cool “bubbles” app that was expressly designed for interfering toddlers – you glide your fingers across the screen and bubbles appear, then you tap your finger to “pop” them – and so far it’s a big hit. We also quite […]

On the other hand …

Even ridiculous levels of nausea don't seem quite so bad when you have a cool new gadget to play with. 😉

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Mother’s Day

Yeah, so I’m a little late posting these felicitations. What can I say? My own daughter decided to show her appreciation for my mothering skills by getting the sniffles and then a fever which rendered her woebegone and snuggly in the extreme.

But I digress. It’s Mother’s Day, and while lord knows one day isn’t […]

I want! Want, want, want!

I’m a material girl. I admit it. I love me some stuff. But I mo-specially love clever, cute stuff. Which is why I’m sorta wishing I lived in the UK today (ok, let’s be honest: I always wish I were living in the UK), because HOLY CRAP is this some cute and clever stuff.

For […]

Oh, HELL yeah

Snakes on a Plan baby apparel: These are teh awesome.

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Survival Kit: the first three months

We’re rounding the corner of the first three months, and in the interests of posterity (and to remind me when I have the next one), here are the beyond-the-basics things without which I would not have survived the “fourth trimester”:

The Happiest Baby on the Block (book and DVD)A swaddling blanket or twoA good rocking […]

Uncompensated product endorsement

If you’re a devotee of The Swaddle, as we are in the squab household, then you know what a pain in the rear it can be trying to wrassle a wriggling baby into a nice, tight swaddle so she can’t flail about. Mr. Squab and I have gotten pretty good at it, but as […]

Ummmm … No.

This has to be one of the weirdest bakery concepts I’ve come across:

Yes, you’re seeing correctly: those are, in fact, sonogram cookies. From the ad copy:

“This is the ultimate way to personalize a cookie: you simply send us a picture and we’ll print it on edible paper with edible ink to create your […]

New favorite kid’s store

Pacifier. I just found it, and I can’t believe I haven’t gone there yet! It’s like 5 minutes from where I work! And look at the cuteness!


So cute!

Slightly disturbing yet cute!

And can you just STOP already with the cute?!?

Seriously. My TEETH hurt.